Status Challenges: What are they and how do I enroll?

Discussion created by carat on Mar 10, 2016
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Status Challenges have been a very popular topic on the forum and have generated many threads.  Here is everything you need to know:


What is a Status Challenge?

A Status Challenge is a great way to earn the next level status by completing a given amount of stays during a given time period, usually around 3 months.  Members are only eligible to complete a challenge for the next level status.  Here is the breakdown:

Basic: Silver – Complete 3 paid stays

Silver: Gold – Complete 6 paid stays

Gold: Platinum – Complete 9 paid stays

Platinum: You’ve reached the top of the line and you are not eligible to participate in a challenge.

*Stays are not the same as nights.  A “stay” includes all nights under one reservation number.  Challenges are not given based off of nights. 


Am I eligible?

Members are eligible to complete one status challenge per 12 months.  This will include all status furthering promotions, including “Taste of” and “Road To”.

If you have participated in a challenge within the last 12 months but did not complete it, you will not be eligible to complete another challenge until the 12 month period has passed.


Will I enjoy the benefits while I complete the challenge?

Members who are participating in a challenge will be able to bask in the benefits of the next level status upon completion of the challenge.  Once the final stay of your challenge has posted to your account, you will be automatically upgraded.


How can I track my challenge?

Unfortunately, these challenges will not show up on your Promotions tab within your online account. You will need to manually track your progress.  If at any time you are curious about where you stand, you can call the Rewards Customer Service line at 1-800-321-7396 or you can ask one of your lovely Community Managers.


How do I enroll?

The fastest and most efficient way to enroll is to call the Rewards Customer Service line at 1-800-321-7396.  They will be able to give your eligibility details as well as enroll you, right then and there. We can also help, feel free to reach out to the Community Managers, communitymanagers for more information.