UPDATE: Familiar with the SkyGuide Executive Privileges Club?

Poll created by jere5iah on Jan 16, 2018

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On a whim I subscribed to this magazine called SkyGuide without knowing what it really was.  It's a subscription to a bimonthly brochure advertising the benefits of a travel agency called the SkyGuide Executive Privileges Club.  For a $55 annual subscription you get access to the agency's services which include access to the Luxury Hotel Collection, plus a stay upgrade and $100 stay amenity when booking through the agency.  They seem to offer much of the standard travel perks found with many credit card companies.


However they offer something I've never seen before: A monthly airport lounge rebate valued at $600 a year and a monthly gym/health club rebate valued at $300 a year.  See below.  I will try it out and follow up with you.




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  • Heard of it but haven't checked it out.
  • Checked it out, but thought it was crap.
  • Am a member, but don't use the benefits.
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