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The original blog post, The Long Road To 500...75 To Go! , gives you the background. This is the end-of-April update for 2018. I'm steaming along.


The first four months of 2018 consisted of 32 stays. Five of these stays were repeat Marriott properties BUT...27 were NEW!!!  Woo hoo!!  This edition included nine Brands, two were from the old Starwood family. The Sheraton and Four Points stays were not the first time I've used a Starwood, but they are the first since the merger, so they get to pad the total.   442 down, 58 to go.


My best guess has March/April of 2019 as the date of the BIG stay. The next update will include a request for your recommendations for stay number 500.  It has to be a GREAT hotel, so I'm giving you plenty of time to do your research.


The first chart are the new properties added and the second is the current total for each brand. I'm running out of colors