Put the Mega in Mega Bonus

Blog Post created by 8675309 on Oct 29, 2018

I’m going to try and put the mega in the current mega bonus with Marriott. With some creative stay patterns, I hope to stay in 25 of the 29 Marriott brands and achieve somewhere north of 150,000 Marriott Rewards Points over the remaining promotion period with stay bonuses (2,000 points per two night stay), brand bonuses (1,000 points per 1 night stayed after first brand), welcome points and Make a Green Choice points (heron referred to as MAGC). Not included in the 150,000 points will be points earned via stays nor the bonus points, although I will keep a running total of these also. If you want or need more explanation of my quest, see my previous blog post ..........Why I won’t be a big player for this mega bonus. (Link)



I already earned 2,000 mega bonus points for a previous stay, so this will be my starting point.

Stay 1


All my entries will look like the above example (my first stay during the mega bonus time period). 

Totals so far during mega bonus promotion:

Stay bonus points 2000

Welcome points 1000

MAGC 2500

Total 5500


Stay points 9765 + Mega Bonus Points 5500 = 15,265