Why I will not be a “big player” for this mega bonus

Blog Post created by 8675309 on Sep 22, 2018

Siting here watching college football and reviewing work junk (yeah I never ever have a day off, but such is the life).

Here are my actual Marriott reservations for the rest of 2018.

*74 nights with no brand points

*13 stays of 2 nights or more nets 26,000 bonus points

*15 total stays.

*Stay info redacted to protect the innocent. 


26,000 bonus points is just far far to little for that many nights and stays IMO to chase. Yes, I could get creative and add brands and shorten 6 night stays into 3 two night stays per week, but I don’t want to experience the hassle factors involved in such a stay pattern. So while I’ll still stay with Marriott some of these nights/stays, for me, I’ll get far better results chasing Hyatt, Hilton, and all the other hotel reward programs I frequent this go around. Maybe next time Marriott. 


Now, some of you are gonna play the Marriott mega bonus game well and get some big returns. Total respect to the players. Get you some of that!