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Below are pictures of the "lounge" benefit at the Delta I am currently staying at... a 5'x~24' glass enclosed pantry in the elevator lobby of the top floor... no seating, coffee maker, bags of chips, cereal, m&ms, nuts, cheese one night of five so far, cans of soda, etc...  At a minimum "lounge" to me implies a place where it's possible

It seems like the more status we earn, the more perks we expect to receive as is rightfully deserving of that status.  Take for example the Concierge Lounge (CL), a secluded refuge for the well-traveled elite filled with complementary food and drink (occasionally even alcoholic ones).  I certainly appreciate the
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Finally went through and figured my average points per month earnings for the past 12 months in my quest to secure lifetime platinum before the change (I need points!!).  I was surprised, earnings are over 1.1 million lifetime points earned since joining insiders, and about 400k in the previous 8 yrs as a MR member, so I'm wondering what
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I found this article by Richard Kerr posted on TPG's website today and I thought it was a well-crafted and extremely poignant download of an issue that we all lament over daily (or whenever we travel), that which is the bain of every hotel-goer's existence: the ridiculous, inexcusable, unjustifiable, reprehensible overcharging of the dreaded