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Where are you, Sea?  Renaissance Midtown New York   And what's the lounge like? Spacious and open.  Fantastic design here.  There are some really unique touches with art and objects.  The lighting is soft and relaxing.  It is what I feel a lounge should be.  The furniture is made for lounging.  There are tables as well but the chairs invite you to… (Show more)
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I found this today on Loyalty Lobby and wonder if any Insiders have seen this or had the offer?  Reader Question: Online Offer Marriott/SPG Platinum Status For $399 - Legitimate? | LoyaltyLobby Maybe our excellent sleuths carat, andrewt, deannad or lindseyh can pass this along to the Fraud Department and put this particular issue to bed.
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Review – Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino March 2017   This review is unlikely to have the kind of detail I typically like to include, but I realize time is getting away from me, and I am apt to forget key details if I don’t get this penned soon.  I reached out to the Insiders community in February for quick suggestions for a Spring Break trip… (Show more)
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Struggling to find stuff - finding Flyertalk easier to navigate. This update "fixed" a non-existent problem...
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This may not be as much of a suggestion as an observation. Are there fewer promotions within the program now? There always seemed to be a seasonal mega promotion and others along the way, I have not seen one in a while. What gives?
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