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All, I don't have time right now to gather a bunch of questions from the 15 million threads of questions, so I'll create a document here to try to have communitymanagers go to ONE place to respond to all questions when they get answers, instead of trying to follow 100 separate threads!  So, I'll include a couple of questions here (I'll come

I would like to start a thread on strategies to achieve lifetime status.  Many of us are likely close to achieving lifetime status under the current requirements.    Personally, I am around 285,000 points away from Lifetime Gold.  My understanding of the changes is that, if I achieve this by year-end, I will be converted to
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As a Lifetime Plat moving to Lifetime Plat Premier, I must say my pals at Marriott were correct in saying I would be pleased. Having said that, I do feel for the SPGers, who as predicted, give up a good amount of ground in several aspects, but of course, that's because they had more to begin with - for example SPG AmEx going from 3 pts. per dollar
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Can someone confirm that it is no way possible for a Lifetime SPG Platinum member to earn Platinum Premier Lifetime status in the new program set to launch in August? I have 939 nights and 13 years of SPG Platinum status.   I also have lifetime Marriott Gold status with only 40 nights to go and 250,000 points to go. I can easily make