No Breakfast left at 9:20AM

Discussion created by steve2242 on Oct 21, 2008
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 I am a 125 nights this year Platinum member. One of my biggest irritants is getting to the lounge 10 minutes before closing to find virtually no food left out. Often I will be working in my room and realize that I have only a few minutes to get breakfast, only to find that when I arrive, I am treated like someone who arrived late for work!

 You should be able to get exactly the same food at 9:30 as you do at 8AM. I can't tell you how many excellent properties let the employees dictate early closing of the food because the sooner they shut the line down, the less work they have to do. The outstanding lounges leave the food out an extra 15 minutes & then ask if you need anything else.


Other lounge irritants:

1. Drink napkins for breakfast. Smart lounges (Palm Beach gardens, Renaissance LAX) even have CLOTH!!

2. Not adding regular & decaff coffee thermos and relying on the "expresso" machine for AM coffee. I have experienced 6 people waiting for the 2 minutes grind & brew!

3. Lounge employees browsing on the Internet and barely giving lip service to the guests, or standing or sitting to watch the show THEY have set on the TV.

4.  Finding the TV in the lounge set to kids cartoons at 7 am on a weekday, when I want to see what's new in the world.

5. The WORST, the lounge employees almost ignoring your arrival. They should at the very least FAKE a SMILE and greet you!

6. Going up at 8PM for dessert to find only cookies, when the night before there was chocolate cake. Then asking to find that they have more food in the kitchen they are holding because "if we put it out. YOU PEOPLE will it it all. (Marriott LAX)