TIPPLE 2 - Who Plans to Attend?

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Hey Insiders. While we're not quite ready to put together an "official" attendance list yet, we have reached the point where we need to get an estimate of how many rooms will be needed. We are working on determining the specific property and having that estimate will make it easier to choose the right venue and secure a great "Insider" rate.


At this point we are not looking for a firm commitment. If you want to be part of the fun next April, please do one of the following

  • Modify this document to add/remove your name to/from the list
  • Add a comment to this document and we'll make sure to get your name on (or off) the list


I took the liberty when creating this document of adding all the names of folks who expressed interest on the earlier discussion Insider Gathering 2018 (TIPPLE 2). Wanna Join Us? If you are on the list below, it is not a firm commitment to attend. If, however, you know it will be impossible to join us that last weekend in April, please comment below and we will update the list accordingly.


Marriott Rewards Insiders who currently plan to attend the next Insider Gathering, aka TIPPLE 2, in Washington DC April 27-29, 2018

  1. bejacob
  2. brightlybob
  3. pluto77
  4. iahflyr
  5. nationwide
  6. seatexan
  7. peymanagement
  8. erc
  9. painedplatinum
  10. razorbackfan
  11. jsucool76
  12. clebert
  13. nmballoonist
  14. yogib
  15. mustanggt
  16. platinumboyforever
  17. jerryl
  18. tef6178
  19. muppetwrangler
  20. vaboywnder
  21. ks77
  22. tryt53
  23. azdesertrat
  24. thriftyscrooge
  25. ssindc
  26. taxman193
  27. ne_traveling_man
  28. rlswider
  29. scottyt
  30. phctourist
  31. sledchick
  32. vic&mila
  33. pingreeman
  34. cktaymd
  35. wally3433
  36. msannmcd


I hope I got everyone who commented previously. I also hope plans have not changed to prevent folks on the list from attending. If so, let us know.


Ankle biters (term coined from the last TIPPLE, indicating definite interest and a solid 'maybe.')  Complaints re: this silly term, should be directed to brightlybob.

  1. fistuk
  2. arkwright
  3. bpelican
  4. superchief1
  5. ks83


Once we have a specific hotel chosen, look for more details. Per vaboywndr's great suggestion, we plan to try the "event" feature of the new Insiders site which should help tracking attendees. Stay tuned for more details.

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