• MegaBonus Summer 2018 - How did you do?

    July 20 marked the end of the Summer 2018 MegaBonus, one of the least generous in recent memory. Oh how we miss the days of earning up to 50,000 points for staying 30 nights.      No matter. The prom...
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  • Hotel Theft by Housekeeping

    Hi all-   I recently stayed in a Marriott property in Cape Town, South Africa (Protea North Wharf) and had $500 US cash stolen from my room by the housekeepers. I immediately reported this to management and the ...
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  • Floater Certificates?

    Saw this on FT today. The Starwood representative posted today that "floater certificates" under the new combined SPG/Marriott program will be canceled. normanp what floater certificates? are these the ...
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  • Marriott's NEXT promotion

    Does anyone know what and when Marriott's next promotion may/will be? The 'current' promotion ended yesterday and  I would have thought the next promo would have been made at least, public by now.
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  • We don't know what we don't know about the new program

    There has been all manner of well-meaning advice on how to navigate the upcoming combination of the Marriott Rewards and SPG loyalty programs. Things like When to combine your accounts, especially important if y...
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  • Converting United Miles to Marriott Rewards Points

     I'm 45k points short of attaining LTG before the August 1 merge.  I have a few stays coming up this week and next, so that will reduce the number of points needed.  If I convert UA Miles to points...
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  • What is Platinum Premier?

    What is Platinum Premier and how do I get it? Ihave been Platinum Elite for 5 plus years, maybe longer, thought I was the highest level.
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  • Marriott/ SPG rewards credit cards

    Insiders, with the new credit cards launching on May 3rd,  have you thought about switching or maintaining your current credit card(s)?   I am personally considering cancelling my current reward credit card...
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  • Someone tried to enter my room...

    I believe this has been discussed on here before, but tonight was a first for me.  I was walking out of the bathroom in my room at a Marriott when the front door opened.  Luckily I had the latch on, so the l...
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  • Which Marriwood/Starriott credit card(s) are you dropping?

    Just curious as to how many cards are doing to get dropped... comment away!
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  • Scheduling Meetings to Reach LPT before 12/31/18

    By my calculations, I will be 50 nights short of LPT at 12/31/18 (I will have met the points requirements).  Has anyone ever scheduled meetings at hotels just to get the 10 night elite credits?  I figure if ...
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  • Good news for Marriott & SPG members looking to achieve Lifetime Status (especially LTPP)!!!

    members.marriott.com/benefits has been UPDATED, changing the criteria for being grandfathered into LTPP!   SPG members with 750+ nights & 10+ years at Platinum will NOW ALSO be grandfathered into LTPP!  ...
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  • Need Points pointers

    Need to pick up 180K points by 12/31 for LTPP. Have the Rewards CC, use it exclusively. Try and stay at Marriott exclusively. Other ideas?
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  • When do I see the CC Rewards on Marriott Rewards Account?

    I am new to the Marriott Premier Credit Card.  I already had a Rewards account prior to applying and getting approved for the Premier card.  I have yet to see any rewards show from my credit card use when I ...
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  • Rewarding Events Where are we moving forward to August 1?

    I have been waiting with bated breath about the status of the rewarding events and whether or not you will still get 10 elite nights per meeting or event.  If anyone has heard any rumors or has information please...
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  • Marriott Customer never reply to my email

    I send an email about my troubles during the previous two stays to marriott customer service. However, it has been a week and I still did not receive any reply from them. Does Marriott customer never reply to people's...
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  • Marriott.com reservation malfunction - beware!

    Marriott.com reservation system has been malfunctioning for more then a day now. I made several reservations without getting confirmations. I lost most of my rewards points for repeatedly attempting to reserve a rewar...
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  • Once the new Rewards Program ('MPG' -> seatexan) launches, which credit card will you use?

    Hi seatexan - the first official 'MPG' Poll!    Just curious as to the card thoughts & methodologies going forward once the new program launches - what card(s) you think you will use in the new program...
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  • When does the 1 free elite night per $3000 spend on credit card end?

    I am about 65 nights away from lifetime gold.  I have almost 2 million points.  The lifetime gold will convert to lifetime platinum (a worthy cause to stretch for).   I have about 30 days of travel...
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  • Crossover Rewards program ending July 15th?

    So I was looking for a flight on Delta.com and I came cross this message. "Crossover Rewards program ending on 7-15-2018"     The terms on Delta.com sounds like this program is really ending for certain, ...
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