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I just bought this experience for DC Capital Pride on June 9th! Who want to come with me


So I was looking for a flight on and I came cross this message.

"Crossover Rewards program ending on 7-15-2018"


Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 10.33.04 PM.png


The terms on sounds like this program is really ending for certain, but if you go to it states, more information will be shared before July 15 (see below) not its being discontinued


Crossover Rewards will continue through July 15, 2018, with all current benefits being honored through that date.  We expect to have more to share on this program before July 15.


Thanks to Marriott, no more one Starpoint for every dollar spent on eligible Delta flights. Priority Check-In, Priority Boarding, Unlimited Complimentary Upgrades and first checked bag free for Spg platinum members


why is Marriott not being honest? another devaluation for SPG members

Been a great year at Marriott and after meeting so

many of the Tripledouble group made mid year exciting.  Looking forward to staying at on of he hotels I like a lot in San Francisco which is the JW Marriott.  Always nice place that is kept fresh and easy access to most area of SFO with its placement near Metro/BART station and the famous Cable Car system.


Fun part about it is it will be Memorial Weekend and one of closest friends from High School many moons ago and her husband are coming into city from Napa so we can just relax and enjoy this great city.  Be great to see them and talk about our shared careers in the Fire Service.

Marriott Vacation Worldwide buys Vistana Resorts(ILG) for $4.7 Billion




  • Has a rich history, opening its doors in 1980 with the debut of what was then Vistana Resort in Orlando, Florida.
  • Acquired by Starwood Hotels & Resorts in 1999 and later renamed Starwood Vacation Ownership.  
  • Today known as Vistana Signature Experiences, a premier provider of upper-upscale leisure travel and vacation ownership products.

Marriott is taking Starwood's Tribute Portfolio to a new level! Now competing in the home sharing space with Airbnb and Hyatt’s Oasis homes. Members will earn points and elite nights with each stay. website states redeeming via points-coming soon  Find a Home – Tribute Portfolio Homes



The platinum phone line has a 15+ minute wait on hold.  What's happening with Marriott?  Do they just want to push everyone out to the web site?  I had to call 3 times and hung up twice after waiting 20 minutes.  Finally just watched TV until someone came on.


I hope this isn't a sign of the future of Marriott service, because with this mindset, it will work its way down to the hotels soon enough.

This has been a rough week for SPG members


Marriott has devalued the Amex SPG points by 33%(we used to get 3 points per $1 spend, now down to 2 points) ,then we learned that we will lose the  complimentary Sheraton lounge on the business card. We are limited to one 15 elite night credit per year(vs personal and business SPG credit cards was stack-able)


Now I just found out, even though I have 2 cards, I will only earn 1 free night award per account.  I'm not paying the annual fee for 2 cards just to gain 1 free night certificate at a low level property.SMH Marriott has completely wrecked the SPG Amex cards. These 2 cards go from top of my wallet to canceling both, since these cards will now have zero value for me.





This has been a long time coming, but it's almost over! Just 20 more nights to go



as of March 2018


SPG hung up on me!

Posted by starguy Apr 17, 2018

I swear SPG is going down hill. how do you not know. I'm so over this



Phyllis: You have been connected to Phyllis. How may I help you?

Me: hello do my your24 benefits end feb2019 or August now?

Phyllis: Hello Mr., one moment while I check.

Me: please do because I earned it fair and square for my stays in 2018 and marriott have no right to take this from me before feb 2019 !

Phyllis: Unless it was address in the information provided on if may be address in August. I was not able to locate any updates.

Phyllis: I meant to say it maybe addressed in August.

Me: on it shows on spg100 +20k spend members earn it

Me: so will I lose this in August ?

Me: marriott can not take this from me early!

Phyllis: has the current updates. I only have information provided to you.

Phyllis: It may be address in August.

Me: it does not show what will happen to my SPG75 benefits

Me: so you telling me I just need to wait til august ?

Phyllis: I apologize, put do not have additional information.

Me: 2nd question, after I stay 50 nights, do I still earn my One Free Night Award? Do I need to met the 50 nights by august or by Dec 31st to earn this?

Phyllis: Members can still earn 10 Suite Night Awards. They can choose five at 50 nights (Platinum Elite) and

the remaining 5 when they stay a total of 75 nights (Platinum Premier Elite). Because members have

access to the combined portfolio, it will be much easier to earn nights and unlock Suite Night Awards.

Members who achieved Platinum Elite 50-night status prior to the launch of the combined program in

August, and chose Suite Night Awards for their choice option, will receive 10 SNA’s for this year.

Me: I didnt ask you anything about Suite Night Awards

Me: that was a copy and paste reply! is this SPG Platinum Desk I'm chatting with?

Phyllis: I apologize, I have no additional information. This will be addressed in August.

Me: who am i speaking with?

Phyllis: A Starwood Preferred Guest Associate. We have the same information you were provided.

Me: so how do you not know this info?


Me: is this valid or not?

Phyllis: We have the same information you have Mr. . Additional information as for as changes will be provided in August of this year. If the current policy was not addressed as a change, then it would still be as is.

Phyllis: has been our pleasure assisting you as a Platinum Starwood Preferred Guest member for so many years. We thank you for your continued dedication to our Starwood Preferred Guest program.

The agent has ended the chat



I tried to call back and got this message. ughhhhhhh

Your chat request has been canceled because no agents are available.




Monica W: You have been connected to Monica W. How may I help you?

Me: i just got hung up on in a chat session by Phyllis!

Monica W: I am reviewing the transcript Mr. . I am not sure what happened. It looks like she had a closing remark. It had been a few minutes since your last response.

Monica W: Is there something I can help you with?


Me: can you answer my two questions please

Me: i been a member for SPG for years, this is crazy!

Monica W: I see a question about the your24 benefit.

Monica W: Starting in August, that benefit will be available to members who have 100 nights.

Me: wow! so I earn this fair and square in 2018 and you are just going to take it from me!??

Me: and why didn't she know this answer! ??

Monica W: I do not know. All of us, employees and members, got this information yesterday.

Monica W: We are still learning ourselves.

Monica W: We reference for the information.

Me: I read all that already

Me: why you are taking this from me early? this is not fair

Monica W: I am sorry sir, you and I have the exact same information. They did not tell us why they made the changes they made.

Me: its messed up.

Monica W: But all of your nights with Marriott will combine with your SPG nights.

Me: i dont have nights with marriott. dont like them and never will!

Me: 2nd question? I want to earn my annual "One Free Night Award" once I hit 50 nights. Do I need to hit 50 nights by August now or Dec 31st 2018?

Monica W: Yes, I am looking into that.

Monica W: The current benefit structure is you can choose one free night award, once you reach 50 nights.

Monica W: That will change starting in August.

Monica W: You will have the option of 5 Suite Night awards or a gift. The gift is not stated.

Monica W: So if you want that free night award, and you are able to reach 50 nights before August, I would try for that.

Me: wow

Me: this is messed up, what a horrible customer experience

Me: how dare marriott change this in the middle of the year!

Monica W: I am sorry sir. I can certainly document your thoughts on the program.

Me: so I lose both, my 100% bonus and "your24" in aug, so my 75 night last year. doesn't mean anything anymore

Me: put in there that marriott is going to lose tons of loyal SPG members because of this. this is not and is very dishonest! I just lost my trust with this company!



Monica W: Yes sir. I am sorry, I thought we were disconnected.

Monica W: I will certainly include your thoughts. May I assist you with any reservations?

Me: Its ok. well thanks for the wonderful year with SPG. I guess it's officially over now! it's been a pleasure



SPG Q2 Promotion is here!

Posted by starguy Apr 2, 2018

Its here SPG buddies brianandlin brightlybob wiscfriend platinumboyforever rlswider normanp


So starting on the "Third Night", we will earn a measly 250 bonus Starpoints on every night

TBH this is the worst promotion I've ever seen as a spg member. This can't be for real. It takes 3 whole nights to start earning..ughhhh 



Register for SPG® More Nights here:

Starwood Preferred Guest :: SPG More Nights, More Starpoints.

After months of speculation,  Ritz-Carlton Battery Park at 2 West Street is no longer a Marriott property.



Mmmmm, interesting. Leading Hotels of the World is the same program that Parker New York and Palm Springs recently left Marriott for.

JW Marriott Las Vegaswent above and beyond. Recently I booked a standard room at the JW Marriott LV because my son had a soccer tournament. Last minute we decided to make a family trip out of it and realized we would need to book a second room. (7 people).   The hotel was sold out but told me “not to worry that they would take care of me when I arrived”.  Never in a million years did I expect the upgrade I received.  They put us up on the 6th floor of the spa tower In a 2 bedroom suite.  We had more than enough space for all of us.  The staff were all super friendly. I will be staying here every time we stop in Vegas.


What has been your best upgrade?


I attached he’s a picture from the website of the living area we had.

American Express announced some SPG Card details during their Investor Day last week.


Here are three interesting slides regrading the SPG/Amex Co-Brand card(now legally called Marriott to their investors)


Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 3.06.10 AM.png


  • Launch new marriott product(which they already announced) However what I find interesting is that saying "new marriott product" makes me think the new card will show Marriott name not SPG.


Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 3.06.59 AM.png


  • 8% revenue growth by SPG card members! Yayyyyyyyy! This is even before the new Premium card is released! just wait, I bet we will have record card member spending also once released for the heavy spenders.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 3.07.20 AM.png

Now this is big one! SPG card members are big spenders!


SPG is the largest hotel card(sorry hilton lol) for AMEX and the 2 largest co brand customer of AMEX behind Delta .


*$73 billion x 36%= $26,280,000(co brand loans)

26,280,000 x 5%= $1,314,000(marriott)


**$1,085 billion x 16%= $173,600,000(co brand billings)

$173,600,000 x 2%= $3,472,000(marriott)


In 2017 SPG card members had a whopping $1,314,000* in loans with the company and we spent $3,472,000** on our card(I hope my math is


If you have any thoughts, see something I missed, or my math is incorrect(haha)comment below




source:Investor Relations - American Express Investor Relations

photo: Starwood Preferred Guest Card from American Express Review |


jsucool76 mrwhipple13  since you the credit card specialist   any thoughts

Stayed at the Westin Crystal City hotel over the weekend and received this non-personalized unhealthy gift in my room.


  • NO NAME was on the letter (To and/of From)
  • with a Snickers Bar next to the letter


First of all, I'm a pescatarian and I definitely don't eat candy bars, sodas, or junk food, etc.

Maybe this hotel didn't think that offering a guest something with 300+ calories and full of genetic engineered ingredients in it could offend someone!


In my Brianandlin voice "Is this some kind of joke?" LOL. but I guess it's the thought that counts.

Image-1 (1).jpg

BTW. Westin is my favorite Starwood brand because its known for being healthy. Look at the key cards the hotel gave me "Eat Well, Sleep Well". How are we going to Be Well if they provide guest Snickers Bars!!!! SMH



just post any photo on twitter with hashtag #RewardsPoints #LeafsFansTravel


once you post the pic, you will receive this reply instantly:

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 1.46.31 AM.png

Checked my account: "JACKPOT" lol jk It's not a lot, but it all adds up!

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 1.54.35 AM.png