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I agree!!! "It's perhaps the only truly valuable hotel loyalty program. Redemptions are relatively cheap, they place a priority on actual stays with their promotions, and the transfer partners are tremendous. I will be disappointed to see Starpoints go, since Marriott(sixth place) is the parent company."

best hotel loyalty programs


The Best Hotel Loyalty Programs in the World

I visited this lounge the same week I was at a lounge at the Baltimore Renaiisance Inner Harbor, so it gave me a good opportunity for comparison.

The lounge is located on the 31st floor. It is pretty large and has great views of the harbors, apologies for the lack of photos of the view. I visited both for breakfast and evening hors d'ouevers/cocktails. The breakfast consisted of standard fare: breads, yogurts, fruit, scrambled eggs, bacon, smoked salmon and a few other offerings. For the coffee lovers, this lounge has three options: a Starbucks machine that also grinds beans, a fancy Keurig, and carafes for those needing a quick fix.


The evening offerings the one night I went included buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, green salad, chesses, and crackers, if not a few other things. I was definitely impressed as the Renaissance's only hot option was a roasted potato dish. There were cakes and cookies for dessert as well.


The lounge was impeccably clean, well-stocked, and attendants were first class. I've been in four Marriott lounges so far, and this was definitely top tier, relative to the ones I've visited, but I expect average/above average for the company.

The Marriott Member's credit card needs to be the one checked in with to get the points, etc.

There is no reason why anyone should spend their vacation break in any city other than Dubai. With over fun activities and popular attractions, Dubai has been an outstanding tourist destination for decades, pulling more than a million tourists ever year. Little would you know that Dubai is visited mostly by Europeans, Asians, and Americans and only recently has reached a record 10 million visitors, making one of the most visited cities by tourists in the world.


What can be more entertaining than for your family to brace yourself in the thrilling desert safari ride, strap yourself for go karting, or simply take your adrenaline off the charts with jet skiing? However, Dubai is not all just entertainment for the young at heart; there are plenty of tours to the Museum or of the 7 star Burj Al-Arab. The city is also a shopping haven with a wide variety of grand shopping malls, centers, and bazaars. The gold souks, in particular, lie at the heart of Emirati business life.

But perhaps you might be looking for something more closer to home. If that is the case, there are a considerable number of luxury hotels in Dubai to suit your tastes and preferences. As the world's largest hotel comprising of over 1300 rooms, the JW Marriot Marquis Dubai hotel is one example of quality luxury accommodation.



Situated on Shaykh Zayed Road, the JW Marriot Marquis Dubai hotel is only 20 minutes away from the Dubai International Airport along with other spectacular attractions including the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, Atlantis Waterpark, Jumeirah Mosque, and the Ski Dubai. In addition, customers also have the convenience of having the Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates in close proximity. The JW Marriot hotels are spread all around the world in cities New York, Cairo, Kuwait City, Ankara, Cannes, and more.



The hotel consists of 1368 rooms and 240 suites, each of which echo high quality luxury living experience. Among the types of rooms include Guest rooms, the Deluxe Corner suite, the Executive Lounge Access, and Sea View.

All rooms feature state-of -the-art technology such as a 46-inch LCD TV with USB ports, supersized bathtubs, and the breathtaking scenic views of the Burj Khalifa from a guest room or penthouse. Customers also have the opportunity to reserve an Executive Level room to take advantage of special features such as cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. Other benefits of the Executive Level room include complimentary non-alcohol beverages, work desk with electrical outlet, 24 hour room service, and coffee/tea maker.



Customers are granted a number of hotel facilities, some of which include but are not limited to access to a gymnasium and fitness center, high speed Wi-Fi and internet connection, spa facilities, and swimming pool. Other benefits of the hotel include a children's entertainment activities, baby sitting services, concierge service, access to meeting rooms and a banquet hall for organizing events, and free reserved parking space.


From Good to Great

Posted by mmark439 Aug 19, 2017

As consumers we expect excellent service.   So how then can a company go above and beyond to wow their customers?  By hiring and training employees to LISTEN INTENTLY!  And that's just what Sally Muehlenkamp, the Lead Concierge at the Covington, KY Marriott, did in this case.   It's experiences like this that build lifetime customers and advocates for their brand. 


The experience went like this: I was checking in around 11:30am as I had gotten a notification at 9:30am via mobile app informing the room was ready.   I was welcomed with a big hearty smile from the receptionist, Sally.  She preceded to inform me, that she's been expecting me, thanked me for being a Loyalty platinum member, and advised they had upgraded us to the concierge level.   She informed me of the hours of concierge lounge, then apologized when she realized it was closed on weekends during our stay.  (This is where it goes from good to great) After giving us our restaurant breakfast vouchers,  I jokingly asked what time the soft chocolate chip cookies would be out on the counter, and we laughed it off.  That night when my wife and I came in from a day out on the town, we found a tray of soft Chocolate chip cookies and two cartons of milk on ice with a card that said, " Enjoy your stay Mr. and Mrs. Massey sincerely Sally Muelenkamp" This is a true testament of a Great Customer Service concierge. It don't take much, it's the little things! Great Job Sally, you made our stay!

You get screwed out of your Marriott points, which is something this Platinum Elite member failed to realize when I had to book business in Omaha during the recent College World Series.

Every Marriott property in town, like other hotel chains, were price-gouging fans and businessmen big-time, in some cases tripling the cost per night. I found an Expedia deal for three nights at Fairfield Inn and Suites West Omaha (18 miles from the ballpark) that started at $129 the first night, $139 the second night and $149 the first night. When I checked in and gave the front desk clerk my Rewards number, they gladly took it with no complaints.

Then I never saw it show up in my account, so I followed procedure. I requested, received, filled out and returned via e-mail a missing stay form including a picture of my bill. Received no response from Marriott.

Finally, I called the Rewards LIne today and was told you don't get Marriott points for booking through a search engine.

Hey Marriott, as a Platinum member, I'd like to say, A reservation is a reservation and stay is a stay.

And by the way, please replace the bricks you have for pillows at Fairfield Inns. It's almost a month later and my neck still stiff.

Ron H.

Baton Rouge, La.


Member plus 1

Posted by kingofhearts May 29, 2017

As a platinum member, I am becoming very concerned that the member plus 1 policy for the concierge lounge is being widely ignored.  My wife and I have twice recently been unable to sit for breakfast due to groups of 4, 5, 6 and larger taking the seats.  It's members, their families, extended family, and friends taking advantage of a space reserved for member plus 1.  With the addition of eligible Starwood members, the space in most lounges is not able to accommodate these large groups.

On our way to a funeral in Canada, I stayed at the Fairfield Inn in Niagara Falls, NY.  We had issues right from the moment we walked in. I had booked a King room, but when we got there we found out that every King room in the hotel is arrayed immediately around the elevators, meaning it would have been noisy all night.  So we had to switch to a Queen room in order to get to a quiet location.  Then when we got ready for bed, we found a long, curly black hair in the bathtub.  About that time we also noticed the the toilet was not flushing-down.  Called the front desk and the night auditor came up with a plunger.  We showed him the hair at that time and he told us he would notify the manager and we would get some consideration in the morning upon check-out.  Then the real fun began. The light on the smoke detector (or maybe it was the carbon monoxide detector) flashed intermittently ALL NIGHT LONG.  Meaning even though we managed to get a quiet room (with a smaller bed than we wanted) we still could not sleep, due to the aggravating flashing.  When we got to the front desk in the morning the night auditor was still there, and promised to have the manager call us to discuss giving us some consideration.  That was the morning of April 11.  I made two subsequent phone calls to the hotel and both times was told the manager would call me back. Today is April 20 and I have not gotten a call.  So I called Marriott Customer Care and they were able to get the general manager on the phone for me (after a lengthy wait).  His attitude was less-than-accommodating.  His only response was to say he sincerely apologized, had chastised the housekeeping staff, and spoken the fire department.  I suggested that he should try going into that room at night, turning out all the lights, and waiting to see what I meant by watching the light on the wall flash all night.  (BTW, this same thing happened to me at a Marriott at the Atlanta airport and I was immediately offered 15,000 points in compensation).  I have been Marriott-loyal for close to 30 years of business travel, and have lifetime gold status (I used to have platinum, but I got cancer and could not travel for a couple of years).  In all those years of staying at every level of Marriott properties (including Ritz Carlton) I can honestly say I've never had a less satisfying experience with a manager. On my second call to Marriott customer care I was immediately offered 20,000 points.  BTW, this is a 30,000/night property and the customer care rep said he could not give me that many points without first speaking to the hotel GM.  Then, after he did get the hotel GM on the phone, the customer service rep told me that now I would not be getting any points, because "the matter is under review" and until the GM responds to Marriott, I get nothing.  The customer care rep would not tell me how long I would have to wait until hearing any determination from the GM at the hotel.  I am now considering whether or not I want to call the public health inspector in Niagara Falls to tell them about what transpired with the hair left in the bathtub and non-functioning toilet.  I will certainly be posting this to Twitter and disputing the charge on my credit card.  It's ironic: Fairfield Inn has a "100% satisfaction guarantee" but despite telling this GM how dissatisfied I was, his response was to absolutely deny us any financial discount and he gave us no indication of if/when he would be willing to offer me any points.  Sad to say, but this colors my, and my husband's, perceptions of the Marriott brand as a whole and Fairfield Inn in particular

Avoid the Courtyard by Marriott on Julia St in the warehouse district. As a Gold Elite member they refused to provide free breakfast and also refused to compensate in lieu of Marriott points. This hotel is a total dive in an old warehouse ready to fall apart with barn beams and bricks and stained carpet and very old fixtures with very small dirty pool. It is also right next door to a electrical transformer station and the hotel entrance is from an underground parking garage. It is a grossly polluted area. The front desk GM could not provide me with an HDMI cord for the television and would not provide me a link or contact to post a review of his hotel. Do not stay here…there are tons of other Marriott hotels in the area that are well maintained. People in New Orleans are the friendliest most cheerful people in the world however.

Here are some great offers for Paris, New York City and Key West.


Member Exclusive Rates — City break in Paris: Enjoy a tour, points + more

  • From April 1 - May 14, 2017, stay on Thursday-Sunday nights (Friday or Saturday required) and save up to 15% off regular rates and more. Boutique luxury meets sightseeing in one of Europe’s grandest cities at the Renaissance Paris Vendome Hotel. Get spa & shopping discounts, a driving tour and, of course, champagne.


Bonus Points/Miles — New in NYC: Get 2,500 points in lower Manhattan

  • From March 8 - April 30, 2017, earn 2,500 Marriott Rewards bonus points per stay including any night Thursday-Monday. Reward yourself at the Courtyard New York Downtown Manhattan/World Trade Center Area, near Battery Park City, Financial District, and Tribeca.


Member Exclusive Rates — Sunny Key West: Save 10% during your stay

  • From February 16 - May 7, 2017, save up to 10% off regular rates on Thursday-Sunday nights (Saturday required). Relax and re-energize at the Fairfield Inn & Suites Key West at The Keys Collection, near Duval Street, with a shuttle to Old Town and more.

We recently stayed at a Marriott in New Orleans – with three rooms for three nights. We specifically asked the hotel whether we would be entitled to "nights" awarded to our Marriott rewards account. The answer was yes. Subsequently, we learned that we are entitled only to "nights" for one room.  (Hilton honors does not limit the number of nights to one room.)

The Marriott rewards helpdesk was not helpful and unceremoniously told us that there was absolutely nothing that they could do. After repeated questions, they suggested that I talk to the Marriott customer care desk.   It was apparent that they were simply deflecting the question to someone else. I called the Marriott customer care desk. After one minute, they simply hung up on me. (Really)

Simple story: Marriott provided inaccurate information to us about elite "nights" and then deflected and ignored our questions/concerns about it. They  made a mistake and then ignored the concerns of a frustrated and aggrieved customer.

I would appreciate the opportunity to speak to someone who can professionally discuss my questions.

On 1/3/17 at 11:00 the wife and I went to the beach at the Marriott Beach resort in Ft Lauderdale. The only food we both ate was burgers from the Loggerhead beach grill. Half hour later we both ended up in our room for the night taking turns on the toilet. The burgers are partially grilled by the dozen and then stored in a tin at the back of the grill which is filled with water(beef broth).I have written customer cares and got no reply. Claims did call me but after reading YELP, I understand why they called and why they do not call back or reply to call backs. The rest of my stay was great and the people were all great, just don't eat burgers from the Loggerhead beach grill.



Posted by gopopy Dec 30, 2016

When does MR change stay and point requirements in the Elite programs,   I have 900+ nights but have been short on points to reach Lifetime Platinum status,  I just transferred enough Dinners Club Rewards points to reach lifetime Platinum status.   It will take a few days to post and my fear is MR will change the point requirements again (was almost there previously then the points were increased). 

Here are a few new MEOs for NYC, San Diego, and Shoreline Atlantic Shoreline cities:

Member Exclusive Rates — Along the East Coast: Save 25% at 12 villa resorts

  • From January 1 - March 16, 2017, members can enjoy 25% off leisure rates when staying any night Sunday-Thursday at a choice of eleven beautiful resorts in Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head Island, Williamsburg, Absecon, NJ, or Panama City Beach, FL.  You can also find this offer in Boston when staying any night Thursday through Sunday.


Member Exclusive Rates — NYC: 6 ideal locations, up to 15% off weekends

  • From November 14, 2016 - February 6, 2017, stay 3 nights or more Thursday-Sunday with our member exclusive offer and receive deluxe accommodations in a king, queen or double guest room and 15% off normal rates.


Bonus Points/Miles San Diego luxury: Warm winter sun + 1,500 points

  • From December 12, 2016 - February 28, 2017, earn 1,500 Marriott Rewards bonus points per stay, 7 days a week.

Late check out

Posted by rjg Nov 16, 2016

Disappointing - The day I need to take advantage of the "Guaranteed Late checkout 4pm" the Dublin OH RI" will not comply.  Even called "elite" customer service to no avail.  Generally have been happy at this location but this really screwed up my day.  Clearly not "Guaranteed"!  FYI I'm Platinum and this is not listed as a reasort or convention site on the Marriott site.