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American Express announced some SPG Card details during their Investor Day last week.


Here are three interesting slides regrading the SPG/Amex Co-Brand card(now legally called Marriott to their investors)


Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 3.06.10 AM.png


  • Launch new marriott product(which they already announced) However what I find interesting is that saying "new marriott product" makes me think the new card will show Marriott name not SPG.


Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 3.06.59 AM.png


  • 8% revenue growth by SPG card members! Yayyyyyyyy! This is even before the new Premium card is released! just wait, I bet we will have record card member spending also once released for the heavy spenders.

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 3.07.20 AM.png

Now this is big one! SPG card members are big spenders!


SPG is the largest hotel card(sorry hilton lol) for AMEX and the 2 largest co brand customer of AMEX behind Delta .


*$73 billion x 36%= $26,280,000(co brand loans)

26,280,000 x 5%= $1,314,000(marriott)


**$1,085 billion x 16%= $173,600,000(co brand billings)

$173,600,000 x 2%= $3,472,000(marriott)


In 2017 SPG card members had a whopping $1,314,000* in loans with the company and we spent $3,472,000** on our card(I hope my math is


If you have any thoughts, see something I missed, or my math is incorrect(haha)comment below




source:Investor Relations - American Express Investor Relations

photo: Starwood Preferred Guest Card from American Express Review |


jsucool76 mrwhipple13  since you the credit card specialist   any thoughts

Stayed at the Westin Crystal City hotel over the weekend and received this non-personalized unhealthy gift in my room.


  • NO NAME was on the letter (To and/of From)
  • with a Snickers Bar next to the letter


First of all, I'm a pescatarian and I definitely don't eat candy bars, sodas, or junk food, etc.

Maybe this hotel didn't think that offering a guest something with 300+ calories and full of genetic engineered ingredients in it could offend someone!


In my Brianandlin voice "Is this some kind of joke?" LOL. but I guess it's the thought that counts.

Image-1 (1).jpg

BTW. Westin is my favorite Starwood brand because its known for being healthy. Look at the key cards the hotel gave me "Eat Well, Sleep Well". How are we going to Be Well if they provide guest Snickers Bars!!!! SMH



just post any photo on twitter with hashtag #RewardsPoints #LeafsFansTravel


once you post the pic, you will receive this reply instantly:

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 1.46.31 AM.png

Checked my account: "JACKPOT" lol jk It's not a lot, but it all adds up!

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 1.54.35 AM.png



Marriott just informed me via twitter that the Amazon link on Marriott Rewards MORE has been permanently removed.


Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 5.30.54 PM.png

Can you guess the Marriott/SPG Brand behind these sayings?


1. Make Yourself Comfortable

2. Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Already Taken

3. Spread Out

4. Wandering is Encouraged

5. Take Advantage of Our Outdoor Policy

6. Feel Free to Roam

7. Enjoy Your Well-Earned Access

8. The Night is Young, The Bistro Beckons

9. Relax Like a Champ

10. Your Room, Made Fresh Daily

11. Let Us Get The Door For You

12. Walk in Like You Own The Place

13. This Door Is Not Meant To Keep You In

14. Turning In So Soon?

15. Rest Assured

16. Your Key to Staying Balanced

17. Live Life To Discover

18. Get the Green Light

19. The Best Seat In The House

20. Turning In, Get Back Out There

21. Play Well

22. Move Well

23. Feel Well


My personal favorite is #17.  Which one is your Favorite?  Can you share another?

updated Feb 2018


  • Marriott ending the SPG elite thank you program!
  • Marriott will be ending the Avis/SPG partnership on December 31, 2017
  • Marriott to eliminating SPG Pro(ProLearning and STARPRO rates)as of January 2, 2018 SPG Pro travel professionals will no longer earn Starpoints or eligible nights toward elite status for client bookings.
  • Marriott canceled plans to build Westin Bethesda(SPG brand) for their HQ, in which Montgomery County is giving marriott $62 million in "taxpayer-funded" subsidies
  • Marriott plans to lay off 107 Starwood employees in Stamford Connecticut in December
  • Marriott changed SPG cancellation policy from 24 to up 72 hours
  • Marriott is ending our UBER partnership on December 2017
  • Marriott is reducing Sheraton hotels: 6,000 Sheraton rooms will exit the system in 2017 with another 4,000 rooms departing in 2018.
  • Marriott is decreasing SPG booking window by 200 days.

"save draft" location?

Posted by starguy Feb 6, 2018

hey communitymanagers I saved a blog post as draft earlier today. do you know where I can find it?


SPG treats me like a STAR!

Posted by starguy Jan 30, 2018

Just received this in my Inbox! I'm a fan of proactive emails from the hotel before checking into a hotel, This shows how much SPG love their guest. Mmmmm he said "anything", what should I request?


StarGuy is soooo ready for Atlanta!


hey buddy, If you come Downtown/Midtown, let me know vaboywnder

So I woke up to good news. I just got another 4 stay/10 elite credit card nights in my account. Already received 10 nights earlier this year. The Best Way to Start 2018! #SPG #Amex

This is interesting; SPG/Amex must really love their Starguy




Update: January 29, 2018

Marriott/SPG removed the extra credit card nights, with no follow-up email explaining the error.



I am a gold member, and I would like to be enrolled in "a taste of platinum challenge". In addition, I am going to stay at a Marriott hotel in Taipei today(2018/1/13), please count it in the program




Marriott should move in!

Posted by starguy Jan 11, 2018

Discovery Communications is planning to move its headquarters out of Silver Spring. Discovery leaving Maryland  for NYC and will put its building on the market for sale. Since Marriott looking for a new HQ., maybe Marriott should move in! Its right next to the Metro station.


What you think erc since you are familiar with marriott new HQ plans

SPG/Amex 2018 Annual Elite Credits Have Posted!


Since I now have both SPG Personal Card and Business Card, I'm 20% of the way toward Platinum status without spending even one single night at a hotel. The "rabid" StarGuy only need 21 stays or 40 nights to qualify for Platinum Status with @spg and @MarriottRewards


2018 is going to be an amazing year!  starwoodproud spglife

Dear @Marriott,


Promises mean everything, but after they are broken, the trust is lost also.  Please deliver on your promise.     





Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 4.29.47 AM.png


I'm now a Panelist :)

Posted by starguy Dec 20, 2017

I agree!!! "It's perhaps the only truly valuable hotel loyalty program. Redemptions are relatively cheap, they place a priority on actual stays with their promotions, and the transfer partners are tremendous. I will be disappointed to see Starpoints go, since Marriott(sixth place) is the parent company."

best hotel loyalty programs


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