Say hello to your new Featured Insider: mrwhipple13

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Say hello to your new featured Insider: o0o0o0o0o0o...points!



(Because mrwhipple13 prefers to keep his privacy, he has chosen to feature his well known and loved avatar as his photo!)



About Me: A continuous student of “Points & Miles University”, I used to view traveling as a “chore”.  There really wasn’t much of a desire to do so, but to change that, I began studying and reading and organizing ways to make it more fun rather than an excruciating task.  Fast forward – I’m exchanging trip destinations and ideas with several people regularly, have met people while on travel that have become very good friends as well as travel buddies, and somehow became the “go-to” person for a ton of family and friends (and their friends, and maybe even now - their friend’s friends) when it comes to several things “on the go”.  Exploring those conversations quickly ballooned into a new ‘dangerous’ fascination (I mean, how much money can you actually have to constantly travel and how fast can you generate points & miles before you have to repeat it!  Arghhh!).  So, I finally bit the bullet last year and joined Insiders, and do what I can to contribute to others reaching their (travel) goals as well!  


My Interests: Helping others, volunteering/community service, family & friends, traveling, sports, exercising, and yes, I’m also a collector of “things” – funny how a lot of us share that ‘habit’ – do we need rehab???


Favorite hotel: I don’t think I have a favorite Marriott/SPG hotel as there are many that I’ve enjoyed, but I will name a few and the reasons à The New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge – stayed there several times, came back maybe 3-5 years later and one employee, Paul, greeted me by name & room preference as if I was just there last week; Renaissance Seattle Hotel – excellent service in an excellent location (except when you have to walk back UP the hill!); New York Edition – above and beyond service which prompted this “Spirit to Serve” post:  Spirit to Serve - The New York Edition; Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club – when I was there, power on the ENTIRE ISLAND was lost for about 6 hours & the Aruba Surf Club was the only resort in the “immediate” area that could cook food since they had outdoor grills - they were serving food for other resorts and other resorts brought their uncooked food to be cooked and hosted guests of other resorts to ensure anyone had a hot meal!  Excellent example of several people working together to improve the overall situation, which became an outdoor beach party!


Marriott/SPG hotel I’m looking forward to visiting:  Again, there are several, but the one that needs to be crossed of the list in the very near future is the St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort (there better be award availability when the new program launches!!!)


Favorite destination/Dream Destination:  Who really has just one???  There are so many, why place limits and restrictions??!!!  I have a list of several places to visit that I cross destinations off the list as I go!  The Maldives, Seychelles, Australia, and Bora Bora, to name a few…


Marriott has provided me with a ton of memories, and I’m looking forward to a ton more, so my main reason for even joining Insiders was to give back to the community, so if any post I’ve made has helped anyone, then my reason for joining was successful! communitymanagers, thanks for acknowledging mrwhipple13 – it is very much appreciated!




Thank you for all of the information and for the wonderful contributions you make to the site!


All the best,

The Community Managers



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