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Say hello to your new Featured Insider: WesleyWC!


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About Me: I am a unpaid professional dog walker with just one client, my dog Aaron Burr aka Mr. B. (see pic).  I moonlight as an attorney for the US government specializing in prosecuting both criminal and civil financial fraud.


The dog and I call the DMV (The District, Maryland, Virginia) home, yet we travel extensively for my moonlighting job, and we have marked our territory in almost every state (a proud accomplishment for sure), four Canadian Provinces, as well as Mexico.


Interests: The dog and I share many common interests including most sports (besides lawn darts...don't ask), running, military history, pizza, politics, and cars.  We try to incorporate these things throughout all our travels.

As you can tell, it's my dogs life, and I just live in it.

Want to know more....just ask.


Thanks wesleywc for sharing your valuable travel insight (and for the pictures of Mr. B!).