9 noticeable changes to the community homepage inspired by K-I-S-S

Blog Post created by communitymanagers on Apr 1, 2014

I’m not going to call them enhancements, upgrades or features, but we’ve been working with your Stewards to better streamline constructive and compelling conversations. Our motivation has truly been the old adage, “Keep It Simple Stupid” and we wanted to quickly highlight what’s new.



1- Find all community news in one place

We know you have busy schedules so we’ve made it easier than ever to follow the latest Exclusive News from Marriott – we’ve merged the Community Updates, News & Promotions and Concierge Corner blogs into a SINGLE BLOG.



2- Scan the latest Exclusive News directly from the community homepage

Every time you sign and visit the community homepage, you’ll automatically see the 3 most recent Exclusive News blog posts. So now if you find yourself away for a few days on business travel or that hard earned vacation, you can easily scroll through the very latest news in one place. And you can also click “View all posts” to see a chronological list of post.

merged blog.jpg


3- Skip to specific updates

Although we’ve merged all News into a single blog, you can still filter between specific types of posts – For instance, community updates or destination spotlights.



4- Scan the latest (non-review) content

Every time you view the homepage, this list will automatically show you the latest content - and no, reviews will not be included here. We previously had 3 tabs so you could toggle between latest content, popular content and most liked content, but problems with the last two tabs made them less then helpful.



5- Bye, bye to the list of latest Reviews

And since we were excluding reviews from the list of recent content, we thought, lets suppress the entire list of latest reviews from the homepage.



6- We’re introducing a new Featured Insider section

Although we are officially sun-setting the “Insider of the Month”, we will still continue to feature noteworthy members of the community and their contributions. We also have a dynamic list of contributors which automatically resets each month. We will ultimately be overhauling the missions, participation badges and associated credits over the next few months.



7- Bold photos submitted by members

You’ve collectively traveled the world and we will continue featuring member-submitted photos throughout the site.



8- Prominent shortcuts to key actions

We’ve maintained a few shortcut links on the homepage, but in the spirit of K-I-S-S we’ve really focused on the a select few actions. So you can quickly start a new conversation/question or browse content, activity or messages.



9- And last but most certainly not least, we’re squarely focused on travel

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just beginning to rack up your points and lifetime nights, we’re focused on facilitating authentic and resourceful dialogue around travel. Hopefully each of the other changes have helped to reinforce that point, but we’ve also begun collecting your insights for our City Guides by Rewards Members. We’ve selected five locations and themes to start and we’ll periodically rotate that focus. Ultimately, your local tips could find their way into our City Guides.

city guides.jpg


Speaking of travel conversations: This is unrelated to the community homepage, but watch for updates over the next few months about tweaks to the activity feed and making it easier to only see discussions.

Thank you for your loyalty and making this such a great community for members!