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I thought it might be fun to ask everyone what airports they have flown from, to, or connected in. Since so many members are frequent fliers I thought it would be cool to see just how many airports people have been to. I bet you have been to more than you think. My list is not particularly impressive so it can be a jumping off point....  

Since not everyone saw the Community Manager post/promise last week - here it is:   Hi Insiders,   Just another friendly reminder to register now for MegaBonus®! You can earn a free night after just two qualifying stays, and MegaBonus really builds from there!   We’ve tailored additional offers based on your activity with
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So I have to say I'm really loving Starwood!  I had a new member promo that gives me 2500 bonus star points (7500 MR) after  my 1st stay plus 5000 bonus star points (15000 MR) after my 2nd stay. I logged into the SPG Dashboard to find this. Click here & sign in to SPG Dashboard To see what offers await you.  I stayed at the
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Well now that summer's over I get into my travel season. Of course and unfortunately, Hurricane Irma has had an impact on my coming adventures. A small potatoes issue for me for sure compared to the suffering of those directly affected by the storm, but the impact has completely adjusted my schedule. I always go to visit my friends on the