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I have had my cat 1-5 cert expire in the past due not finding a cat 1-5 in the large cities I was traveling too.  My question is:  How many people would like to see the program changed to the following?  If a cat 6 property (or higher) was desired you could use your cat 1-5 cert and the additional points (in this case 5000) to
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The decision by Marriott to eliminate rollover nights and elite buy back will have an effect on who earns elite status with Marriott Rewards. It will be harder for moderate travelers to reach the top levels of the loyalty program. Whether it was Marriott's attempt the 'thin the herd' as some Insiders have suggested is little more than speculation.
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It’s the time of year when we tend to look back on our travels and experiences. For me it has been a busy year. These days I am a leisure-only traveller and during the year I have notched up about 80 hotel nights. Of these 58 have been Starwood, 2 Marriott and the remainder were at a variety of branded and unbranded Hotels. My best stay
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Sitting right now eating out of a paper bag at marriott marquie on Time square in New York.  - It is new and called "fresh bites" and it sucks..   It is paperbages, no substitution, wiered food with names that nobody can pronounce. Gone is simple items like the marriott burger. Nor can you have an omelette, toast or even a pot of coffee