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Share your Insider travel adventures to Frankfurt, Germany by commenting on this post and you could earn points.*   Check into the Moxy Frankfurt East and jump right into the pulsating life of Frankfurt’s dynamic Ostend district. Once a harbor and industrial zone on the east side, the area along the Hanauer Landstraße has
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in the short time I have been a marriott rewards member it has allowed me some great experiences. I've only been a member a few years but so far I have ad some great redemptions thanks to the program. The great thing about Marriott is their presence in basically every city I ever travel to So I never miss out on points.  More to come but my
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I just happened to look at my MRI profile and noticed that nine years ago, on 09/16/2008, I became a member of MRI. I know a few active participants joined between original signup (early March 2008) and my signup and would like to do a "shout out" to these folks for hanging in there all these years, too:   zukracer (03/04/2008)
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I know I am showing my age, and also showing that I am not a twittaholic, lol; but I believe based on what I saw from the community managers last week, that there is supposed to be an opportunity to earn 50 points today, and another 1,000 on Sunday, by replying/answering on twitter.  I did get my 1,000 points last week, so I feel comfortable