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Believe it or not, Double TIPPLE is almost here. Time to get a actual count of everyone planning to attend. Here's who has indicated they will be joining the Marriott hosted reception on Saturday evening at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel.   bejacob, brightlybob, seatexan, iahflyr, pluto77, nationwide, erc, jsucool76,

Courtyard Lafayette Airport Room 325 SAME ROOM as Stay Two!!! LOL No upgrade Finally I got a "thanks for being a rewards member" I was even offered to grab something from the little market.   I told the girl at the front that this was the 1st time someone had thanked me and offered me a welcome gift.  I thanked her in return. 
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I thought it might be fun to ask everyone what airports they have flown from, to, or connected in. Since so many members are frequent fliers I thought it would be cool to see just how many airports people have been to. I bet you have been to more than you think. My list is not particularly impressive so it can be a jumping off point....  
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Hi, This is my first post here and my questions is "Why" continue to be a loyal customer to Marriott. I have attained lifetime platinum status so I can say that I know why I was a loyal customer back in the day but now their is really no differentiator between Marriott and any other chain that makes me want stay loyal at this point. I have been