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Announcement 1 Insider update
Announcement:Insider update

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According to the URL below, I believe All of former Platinum Elite were supposed to get new Platinum Premier Elite.    However, I heard that I need 75 Nights for Platinum Premier Elite when I asked to Marriott Customer Center.   I hoped they are just confused with SPG tier.

I know there are several threads on LTG, LTP, etc. but I didn't see one about this status showing up for some users and then disappearing, which is what seems to have happened to me.   I logged in recently and merged my Marriott and SPG accounts.  I immediately saw Lifetime Platinum Elite as my status and the infinity (8) symbol on my
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I was able to log into the old site to confirm that my calculations were correct....and they were!  I made it to LTG, which will be LTP come January 2109.  Yeah!!!  While LTPP would also be nice, I can certainly live with LTP status.  17 years of staying exclusively at Marriotts as a leisure traveler (nada, zilch, no business