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Marriott announced the Starwood acquisition on November 16th, 2015, which is about 2 and half years before they announced the combined program on Monday.   Have any Marriott Lifetime Golds shifted their stay pattern to SPG in anticipation that the combined program would count towards lifetime status? Do they now feel shafted that these stays

Yeah, Breakfast. Have a good look my fellow soon-to-be-Starriott-Platinums   This is what’s coming to you all free of charge at Courtyard, AC, Moxy and Protea plus resorts too!   Now this is a biggie. A real biggie. Just run through the threads here and on Flyertalk, the number complaining about the lack of breakfast at many
Top & Trending
Been PP the last 3 years after 3 or so at straight Platinum. Am I the only one who thinks that there is no equivalent to PP in the new Rewards scheme, unless you stay 100 nights and spend $20k? (Which my team doesn’t without rollover nights, which no longer exist).   It means I potentially lose breakfasts in favourite restaurant at