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We posed this question roughly a year ago - how did you do this year on points and nights?  I did a little math to project through the end of this week (my last week on the road), and within a hundred points or so, I am confident in how I will finish the year.  Last year, we were able to discern where our points came from via the
UNACCEPTABLE!   this is after I got confirmation and paid for my reservation....       Dear Mr. XXXXX!   Unfortunately, there was a crash in the system in 2nd of December which excepted 100 bookings for the next year June and July. The hotel is fully booked without any availability long time ago. Rooms are reserved and
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<-- 2017 Upcoming Stays     Hey Insiders!   Feel free to add your stays, then we can see if there's any overlap, plus it's fun to see where everyone stays!   Note: If you see the following alert "currently being edited" above the document, do not begin editing, as your changes will be lost!  Please slot in your stay
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Hope you all don't mind me sharing a little story with everyone. I would like to report *INCREDIBLE* service that I received at the SpringHill Suits in Orange Beach at the Warf (Alabama). We stayed there on a trip from San Antonio to Florida for Thanksgiving. The morning of check-in, my daughter had left her stuffed animal (Twilight Sparkle pony)