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As suggested by gatorlitigator, here's a discussion thread where those striving for Marriott LTP by 12/31/18 can post their progress.   As we've learned since the April announcement of the loyalty program merge, members who achieve the legacy Marriott LTP (2M LT points and 750 LT nights) by the end or the year will

From time to time, incorrect information gets posted by Insiders. Sometimes it is reported by mistake or because of a misunderstanding. Other times it is opinion presented as fact. Then there are those items that seem to be a mixture of both.   It's one thing when someone asks a question and gets incorrect information because the person
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I hit LTG on Saturday - 1.601m pts and 693 nights in 3.5 years. Knowing I will have to wait basically 6 years to POSSIBLY get LTPP, would you make the effort to obtain 400k points in basically 4.5 months? If so, what would your strategy(ies) be?   I have 20 current stays booked and about 40 nights in total before the end of 2018. I still
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There are, I am sure a lot of bigger things going on in all of our lives but it will be so nice finally get transition behind us. But let us all raise a glass, that this is almost done. Finally we can all make decisions based on fact and there is no longer a need to have divisive discussions because like it or lump it all is clear. Hopefully the