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Announcement 1 Elite Status Challenge Update
Announcement:Elite Status Challenge Update

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About a year ago, I decided to try and assemble my Marriott stay history from 1994 to present. I was able to find all but a handful of stays. Looking back through the history brought back a WHOLE LOT of good memories. This list turned out to be much more than just hotels. It allowed me to see and recall the people, the jobs, the vacations, the

I am a patient person but every time I try to sign on I get a different gobbledygook IT error message as to why I have to do something other than just happily do business with Marriott,   App down and can not check in Can not get onto insiders, Phones are busy Not getting my folio as promised ugggh I don't want a community manager
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I was checking the other forum this morning and people there were complaining that they had lower lifetime points (some as much as 200k).  I hopped over to my Marriott account and noticed 50k lifetime points missing.    Anyone else?  I also wonder if anyone dropped down a level if they were on the borderline.  Why do we