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We oftentimes talk about where we've stayed, but in order to stay somewhere, we had to get there first (yes, many times by automobile)! But where was the first place you ever flew? Was it a neighboring state or province?  Or someplace exotic?   Mine was to Honduras in 1975 on TAN Airlines, age 7.  We drove a Jeep around the

Here is an interesting read about the future, must say I'm a little surprised by this  SPG Head Will Lead the Combined Marriott/SPG Loyalty Program
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I'm a newbie to the Marriott Rewards Program. So in two more nights (next week), I will qualify to become a Platinum member. Yay! Do I continue to stay platinum if I keep active? I stay at a Marriott hotel almost every week. Or does the process of becoming silver, gold, platinum start all over on January 1? I can't find any information on the
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The decision by Marriott to eliminate rollover nights and elite buy back will have an effect on who earns elite status with Marriott Rewards. It will be harder for moderate travelers to reach the top levels of the loyalty program. Whether it was Marriott's attempt the 'thin the herd' as some Insiders have suggested is little more than speculation.