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Saw this on FT today. The Starwood representative posted today that "floater certificates" under the new combined SPG/Marriott program will be canceled. normanp what floater certificates? are these the categoriy 1-5 certificates SPG members earn for hitting 50 nights each year?  If so, does this means if we earn

It seems like the more status we earn, the more perks we expect to receive as is rightfully deserving of that status.  Take for example the Concierge Lounge (CL), a secluded refuge for the well-traveled elite filled with complementary food and drink (occasionally even alcoholic ones).  I certainly appreciate the
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What has happened to Marriott customer service??  It used to be I would call the Platinum Premier line and someone would quickly answer, say "Hi Mr. X" and solve my problem.  For the past three months it's been awful!!!  I call, a machine answers and gives me a 5 minute talk on Marriott rewards, then the worst voice recognition
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I'm tired of lousy Marriott service.  Over 20 years of loyal business and I feel I could walk into a Walmart and be treated better.  I have been on hold twice this week on the "Platinum" line, waiting over 10 minutes each time.   I sent an email to corporate on Tuesday, unbelievably got this response and still have not gotten a