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It took almost 12 years but I finally earned Lifetime Platinum Status at Starwood. Marriott was always my second choice but I loved the Starwood brand and I stayed loyal to my choice. Now, with the Marriott merger, I found that my hard earned Lifetime Platinum status will not be recognized by Marriott. I will continue to have to EARN Platinum

As many of you know, we are planning another large Insider Gathering, colloquially known as TIPPLE 2. For new folks (or just those who haven't been paying close attention) TIPPLE is name coined by our very own brightlybob. It stands for The Insiders Points, Pints, & Liquor Extravaganza. We held our first such event in at the JW Marriott
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Since IAHFLYR, trippin', pluto77, and a few others have been having sporadic aviation discussions in threads that have nothing to do with aviation, I thought I'd at least steer those discussions into it's own discussion thread.  communitymanager, perhaps we can start an aviation enthusiast group?  In the mean time, this will be our home
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I just had an interesting conversation with customer service.  Last week, I had a four-night stay at a FS Marriott and declined housekeeping for three days.  But I was only credited 1000 points for it.  The customer service rep said that for a four-night stay, you can only get two nights worth of credit.  The first night